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ParliamentaryElections2020/Turcan: We will build government without PSD

The leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Sibiu county organization, Raluca Turcan, announced that the Liberals will build a government without Social Democratic Party (PSD), according to AGERPRES.

Also, Raluca Turcan stated that PNL won by a landslide the parliamentary elections in Sibiu County, but did not mention the results of the parallel count yet.

“The people of Sibiu said today, again, that the PNL is the party they trust the most. (…) The PNL’s mission in the public interest has never been easy, because it has always been taken seriously. We will do the same now and we will build, as the people of Sibiu ask us, a government without PSD! I am confident that the reality will confirm the Romanians’ desire to have an honest, stable and predictable government. However, the PNL won this election by a landslide! We are the party in which the inhabitants have the greatest confidence!,” Raluca Turcan wrote on her Facebook page.

Raluca Turcan thanked the PNL team, all voters and those who organized the elections.

Raluca Turcan ran for the Chamber of Deputies, being the first on the PNL Sibiu list.


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