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Orban: I welcome prime minister’s joining the race for PNL president; it will be a festival of democracy

Incumbent national chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said on Sunday he welcomed Prime Minister Florin Cituu’s joining the race for the PNL national leader, adding that the competition would be a “festival of democracy” and would not affect party activity or government.

“I welcome the prime minister joining the race for the position of PNL president. It will be a project competition that will give PNL members the opportunity to choose from and I am convinced that the result of this convention will be a positive outcome for the party. In this competition I had a discussion with the prime minister, we started setting a framework, which will be an extremely honest framework, a project competition, a positive competition in which we unveil our offerings to PNL members,” Orban said at the PNL headquarters after PM Florin Citu told a news conference at the PNL headquarters together with several leaders and members of the government that he decided to join the competition for the PNL presidency.

He said that it is normal for Florin Citu to say that he will win.

“I am also running to win, for PNL to win and, obviously, for Romania to win. This competition will not affect the activity of PNL; we remain focused on ensuring a good governance of Romania. Florin Citu and I will continue to present to the party all the decisions that will be taken at the party and coalition level. The fact that it is a competition between the two of us, from my point of view, will not affect the activity of PNL as the main governing party and especially the performance of the government. My team is, was and will be PNL. The convention will decide what positions each one will have,” Orban added.

He also said that this competition will be a “festival of democracy.”

“We are joining a competition and obviously this festival of democracy that will take place inside PNL that will mean elections, not only at national level; it will mean practically the election of all party bodies at local, county and national level. Obviously that after this festival of democracy a result will ensue; those who will be elected will take all the statutory decisions that are necessary after the convention,” Orban said.

Asked if whoever loses this competition should resign from public office, Orban said: “For now, it is a competition between us, in which we try to convince PNL members to support us to get their support. We are a team, regardless of the outcome. PNL is and will be united regardless of the result of the vote.”

“There are statutory provisions for statutory decisions on support for PNL representatives in public positions; those decisions will be taken only after the convention by all those who will be elected to the various positions that give the right of representation. For now, we have a beautiful competition; we have the opportunity to present the vision, objectives, projects of each of the candidates, so as to show Romanians that PNL is a party with strong human resources, a party that has the capacity to ensure the good governance that Romania needs,” added Orban.


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