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NC Bucharest Airports celebrates 50yrs since first flight of a TAROM aircraft around the world

National Company Bucharest Airports, Romanian Air Transport – TAROM and the “Bartoc” Cultural Foundation on Tuesday organise the event “Around the World in 80 Hours,” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first flight of a TAROM aircraft around the world.

The flight was operated on the Baneasa – Karachi – New Delhi – Bangkok – Rangoon – Hong Kong – Tokyo – Nagoya – Tokyo – Wake Island – Honolulu – Los Angeles – Mexico City – Acapulco – New York – Las Palmas – Rome – Istanbul – Baneasa route, starting and ending on the Bucharest-based Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.

“In order to pay homage to all the people who contributed to this achievement and to bring to the wide public’s attention this historic moment, we invited personalities from the civil aviation area in Romania to remember that historic moment; there will also be reviewed the uniforms of the TAROM flight attendants overtime and there will be organised an exhibition dedicated to this memorable flight,” said the organisers.


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