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LabMin Alexandru: Labor Inspection to have more alert field activity against unregistered work in 2020

The Labor Inspection will have a control plan next year to carry out an alert field activity for the detection of unregistered labor, in the context in which it is not normal for the Government to tax people for the money they do not earn, said Labor Minister Violeta Alexandru in an interview with AGERPRES. 

The labor minister indicated that in 2020 checks will be carried out in the traditional areas where there are patterns of work outside the legal framework. 

“For this I will ask for an alert activity by the Labor Inspection in the field, during the coming year, without anyone being afraid that some or others will be intentionally targeted in this control plan”, said Violeta Alexandru. 

The labor minister has argued that the solution is to reform the Labor Inspection and not to tax part-time employment contracts identical to the taxation of full-time employment contracts. 

“My solution is to reform the Labor Inspection. Here, people have to go in the field more. We have a serious credibility problem. Here we have a problem with doing our job properly and I look at the statistics from Bucharest and Ilfov and they are unsatisfactory for me in the activity of the Labor Inspection. Where there is unregistered work, we will have to see it, not to pretend it does not exist”, said Violeta Alexandru. 

The labor minister stressed that she supported the elimination of the over-taxation of part-time contracts because each citizen must be taxed for their effective work. 

“For me things are very clear. You have to be taxed for how much you work. You cannot be taxed for more than the time you spend working, you cannot be taxed for amounts that you do not actually earn, because in fact you work less than under a full-time contract. Therefore I adhere to this principle of fairness”, added Violeta Alexandru.


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