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Swiss Confederation Ambassador: Brasov contradicts opinion that Romanian education is not of good quality

Brasov offers very good educational conditions to pupils and contradicts the opinion that education in Romania is not of a good quality, the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to Romania, Arthur Mattli, said on Friday, on the occasion of his participation in the 81st anniversary of the National College of Computer Science “Grigore Moisil.”

He gave as examples some schools that offer very good conditions to pupils, like the College of Computer Sciences and the Secondary School no. 4 in Brasov, both modernized through the Romanian-Swiss Cooperation Programme, which programme could be extended to include other schools in Brasov too.

“What happened here [at the Grigore Moisil College – editor’s note] and School no. 4 are the best examples for how schools today should be, modern. The Brasov Municipality might implement a programme in the future, based on the already gained experiences, learnt lessons, based on these projects that we financed in Brasov, of modernization, endowment, improvement of the learning conditions, while making the buildings more energy efficient etc. (…) I hear how people say that they leave this country because education here is not of good quality and that it’s enough to go visit a school. But this is not true in Brasov’s case or for this school,” said Arthur Mattli.

He said that this was his third visit to Brasov and he remarked the efforts made by the team from Brasov City to finish the modernization project at the College of Computer Science.

“The first time, I must admit, I had my doubts, the second time I got more hopeful and the third time, today, I am glad. Because in August, when I came, I saw there were a few problems, construction works were late, I had several discussions with the City Hall, with engineers, to see how to approach the situation. When I came back, I saw concrete actions, very determined from the deputy mayor Costel Mihai and the team for the City Hall, which committed to solve this problem,” said the Swiss Ambassador, who underscored that his country contributed more than 2 million US dollars to the modernization of this school.

According to an information from the Brasov City hall, Arthur Mattli announced that Switzerland approved in December 2019 “the second phase” of the cooperation programme, with negotiations being carried out with the Romanian Government at this point. According to the Swiss diplomat, this second phase of the agreement will focus on dual type partnerships with the educational institutions so that the subject matters to be applied in the fields requested by the labour market, said the press office of the City Hall.


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